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Strengthening Community Resilience and Development in the North Eastern Slopes

Strengthening Community Resilience and Development in the North Eastern Slopes

With a grant of $334,000 from the UNDP Community Resilience and Development Programme, PWEG has delivering its activities in Tammoun, Atuf and Deir Abu Deif since December 2014. This project is considered a strategic project par excellence within the Community Resilience and Development program in Area C and East Jerusalem.

77 families, approximately 600 people, have benefitted directly from the construction and rehabilitation of cisterns in the localities. 1,500 people have benefitted indirectly through the extension of the main and public water lines, which will serve an increased area of non-irrigated agricultural land in the plain of Baqi’ in Atuf and Tammoun. 26 rain water harvesting cisterns with a capacity of 60 cubic meters have been constructed, alongside the rehabilitation of 17 rain water harvesting cisterns, including high-capacity Roman wells. Approximately 9.800 meters of agricultural irrigation pipes with different diameters have been laid in Atuf, Tammoun and Deir Abu Deif, which will reduce the drinking water scarcity problem and alleviate the suffering of deprived families in these areas. Our work in these areas have also facilitated the agricultural land irrigation process, resulting in a significant positive impact on the agricultural output in these areas. For example, 2000 dunums of agricultural land are served by the newly installed irrigation system in Atuf, with 50% of this cultivated for the first time. All of this land is located in Area C. 

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